Homecoming: Under the Stars!


The homecoming week schedule.

It is homecoming week! Between Oct. 3 and Oct. 7 North Forsyth High School will be participating in theme days and other activities in order to celebrate the occasion. Friday, Oct. 7 is the football game and the Raiders are playing against Lanier. The week leading up to it is spirit week. Monday wasTacky Tourist, Tuesday wasDecade day, Wednesday is Camo and the day we go out to the floats, Thursday was class colors; freshman is white, sophomore is black, junior is gray and senior is purple and during raider time and wellness was the powderpuff game, it was located at the Raider Valley and tickets were sold at the Raider station for $3. Friday is Pink out, and the theme for the football game is also pink out. Saturday, Oct. 8 from 7:30 to 10p.m. is the homecoming dance and the theme is “Under the stars.” It is located at the ROTC Lot. The tickets are $25 and can be bought at Raider station in the morning or during lunch.


The homecoming nominees will attend a rehearsal for the football game, they will walk out onto the field with their escorts and that is when they will announce the queen, king and princesses. They will also support their fellow friends and fellow nominees. 


The nominees for the 9th-grade homecoming court are Cassandra Franco, Caitlin Reynolds, Ally Stanfield and Alisa Tufekcic.


The nominees for the 10th-grade homecoming court are Emmy DeRose, Lylah Heaps, Heidi Nabulsi and Heaven Small.


The nominees for the 11th-grade homecoming court are Ava Droze, Samantha Francesconi, Emily Mason and Gabrielle Souffrant.


The girl nominees for 12th-grade homecoming court are MC Brooks, Peyton Davis, Emmelyn Harrison, Lindsey Head and Claire Pope. 


The boy nominees for 12th-grade homecoming court are Noah Colwell, Andrew Elkhill, Collin Miller, West Roberts and Cody Skinner.


Caitlin Reynolds is the nominee for 9th grade and being nominated, she will carry this memory on with her out of high school, “it’s a cool experience to have as a freshman.” She is also most excited to wear a long, pretty dress and be able to perform in the parade.


Heaven Smalls is representing 10th grade. When she got the news that she was a nominee, she was “happy but surprised at the same time.” She is going to both the game and the dance. Heaven will attend the dance with a group of her friends.


Ava Droze is the 11th-grade nominee for homecoming. Ava is going to both the dance and the football game. In the same week as homecoming, Oct. 3-7. She will also “run for junior class president.” 


This year is Emmelyn Harrison’s and last year in high school. Emmelyn was lucky enough to be nominated along with four other nominees. Emmelyn was surprised when she got the news that she was nominated for homecoming, “it’s good to know that when people think of someone nice, they would put my name down.” Being nominated is a dream she has always had and this is a memory she will always carry with her.


This is Noah Colwell’s last year in high school and he felt honored to be nominated, “I’m glad that I’m making a positive impact that people would nominate me.” Noah is in the marching band and is “excited to walk down the field with the band’s support.”


Overall, we all have made it through these tough years and we wish these seniors good luck in their future endeavors.