Queen Elizabeth-Dead or Alive


England’s Longest Serving Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II


On Sept. 8, 2022, Great Britain announced that their longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, had died. She was pronounced dead in her summer home in Scotland, where she spent most of her summer. The Queen’s doctors informed the royal family that she was ill and would not make it any longer. The royal family rushed to her side to say their final goodbyes for the last time. 


Queen Elizabeth II ruled England for 70 years. The Queen was crowned in 1952 when she was only 27-years-old. She had accomplished a lot during her time however; she also made some mistakes along the way. Many people were reckoned by her death, while others did not care. Some people were quite happy when they heard the news of her passing. 


Queen Elizabeth had lived through horrible times, some of them being World War II and Covid-19. When the Queen was only 13-years-old another war had broken out. She saw how much her country was suffering and wanted to help, so she made up the plan that when she came to the right age, she would enlist to help her country. When Queen Elizabeth informed her royal family of the fact they prohibited her from ever joining. They believed that since she was a royal and would someday be crowned, it was not safe for her to enlist at all. She had a price and some people would take advantage of that. 


The Queen did not take “No” for an answer. She kept on fighting so that she could one day serve and help her country. When she was 18-years-old the monarch finally allowed her to enlist. Queen Elizabeth enlisted in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service. Even though she never actually fought in a battle, she still felt as though she had accomplished something. 


Queen Elizabeth also led her country to stability. When she was crowned, the county was already in a rapid decline. Britain’s Commonwealth had only 8 members in 1952. As of today, it has 54 members of the Commonwealth. She stabilized it with the willingness to modernize and encourage change. After the War, what was needed was stability. Many people believed that, without Queen Elizabeth the British Monarch would have fallen apart a while ago. 


Gail Richardson, a teacher here at North, was very fond of Queen Elizabeth. “She had a little walking stick. She was as cute as she could be.” Richardson admired what she had lived through and what she had accomplished during her lifetime. “She was holding on to do that last duty that she had promised to do,” and that last promise was that she would welcome her last Prime Minister. “And did it with grace. She lived through it all. She lived through 70 years on the throne and 96 years of life. She saw everything and even had a Twitter account. Remarkable.”


Many others were not affected at all by the Queen’s death. Many believed that she was a horrendous ruler and that she did no good to their country. These people were the ones that did not agree with the way that the British Monarch was ruling England. They used her death as a way to attack the monarch, and say what they have wanted to say for quite a while. Many saw a positive future with her death, while others saw the end. 


It was the end, it was the end of an amazing chapter. The British Monarch called her death Operation London Bridge. Operation London Bridge was a 10-day mourning period for the Queen. All of Britain would lower their flag in her honor. Many other countries around the world did honorable things for her death. Now that she is gone, her eldest son, Prince Charles, will take over and rule all of England. Many do not know what hand England is now in, they will have to see.