Uniting Through Student-Led Clubs


Members of the Black Student Union club attended Coal Mountain Elementary to read to students. (Submitted by: Mary Ewing)

School, an environment for learning and connection. As the summer ends, many students dread the end of their relaxation and plentiful free time. However, they also look forward to making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. In order to further spark student connections, many have created their own student union groups. Certain clubs center around a specific shared interest or background, while others are general organizations intended to unite the student body as a whole. Regardless of intention, North Forsyth has several student groups, inspiring union among the attendees.


One organization formed within the school is the Black Student Union. Senior Angela Owusu Agbi has had the opportunity to attend several meetings and states that she enjoys “seeing other black kids and knowing we are there for each other.” The club allows people with a similar culture to connect and share their familial stories. Agbi also claimed that “it [is] surreal to see [so] many black kids in the room,” as “there are not many in the school building.” 


A wellness session offered by Melissa Combs was formulated to encourage any student to attend and share their family’s heritage. The session was popular last year, with many people attending each time. A large turnout can be seen later in the year as the club gains traction, but the wellness sessions started Sept. 21. This wellness session gives students an opportunity to share their ancestry and connect with others who may share a common background. 


Another club intending to unite the student body is Gay Straight Alliance, which creates a space of comfort and security for LGBTQIA+ individuals. Senior Kai Shabman, GSU officer, stated that the club is important to them because they “would’ve given everything to have had a place to come together when [they were] younger.” With GSA in North Forsyth’s club list, students are able to bond with others who may share a similar story and can feel safe within the group. When applying for an officer position, Shabman decided they “wanted to be the person [they needed] growing up.” The importance of the GSA club to the North Forsyth community is significant, as students of different cultures and identities are able to come together and share a common theme.


Created last year by one of North’s own students, the SPECKS club was organized for people to “learn about and talk about art” according to Senior Cody Skinner, the SPECKS founder. Ranked number one in his class, Skinner claims that the club’s goal upon formation was to “[give] more opportunities [for the] members to hang out.” SPECKS club, centered on the subject of art, is a space for like-minded individuals to meet and share elevated interests. It has given people an opportunity to maintain conversations at a shared level of articulation. The club’s existence has encouraged many academically-inclined students to orchestrate and further develop friendships.


With many clubs created to connect students for different purposes, North Forsyth offers several opportunities for every student. Groups meet regularly to provide a safe space for people with differing backgrounds and interests, starting as early as August. Most clubs are held during Wellness Wednesday, and are provided as a break from the typical school day to relax and connect with others. Whether a student is looking for a club to connect backgrounds, or a club to share a common interest, North Forsyth offers it all.