Bear in the Studio

The McDonagh News station set looked seemingly normal. (Photo from Adobe Stock Images)

The McDonagh News station set looked seemingly normal. (Photo from Adobe Stock Images)

The McDonagh News Station was the best in the business. They would report swiftly and fairly, but the crew of people themselves were less than ideal. All of them caused various problems on set, making it hard for them to actually do their job. 

“So!” Maggie, an on-scene reporter, clapped her hands as she walked into the set area with her partner, David, in tow. Robert and Yorkie, hosts of the News Station, sat at the desk reading their cards for that night’s news broadcast and Miles, the manager, was trying to fix the auto-cue. Attention turned to Maggie as she looked around the studio as if she were searching for something.


“Breaking bulletin,” she said as Miles peered at his clipboard and she stalked up to the desk with David behind her. 


“There is a snake loose in the studio,” he admitted as she and David hopped up on the desk.


No one seemed to believe her at first, that is until the team’s researcher, Dean, yelled from the hall, “Snake! There’s a snake!” 


That was when everyone realized Maggie was very much telling the truth. Everyone scattered and climbed various pieces of furniture to try and avoid the floor, arguing with each other as they did so.


“How does a snake get in the studio?” Miles yelled, getting on a chair.


Maggie laughed nervously, “Ahaha, well it’s better than the other thing that’s loose in here right now.” 


“What did you do?” Robert cried out, looking up at Maggie and David.


Before they could respond, a deep low grumble came from the other side of the studio. The sound was short and gruff. Robert looked towards the noise, “Are you serious?”


A huge, brown ball of hair entered the room. It sauntered in the room, sniffing the air and looking around. Miles shook his head slowly and gripped the back of the chair he was sitting in, “Maggie, you didn’t…” 


The news editor, Jesse, walked out of the broadcast booth and looked up in confusion, “Is that a bear? Maggie!” They yelled, jumping up on the counter on the other side of the room. 


“Hey, hey, hey! How’d you know it was me?” Maggie called, her eyes not leaving the bear, “You just got here!”


Jesse looked at Maggie and leaned their head down, “Who else would bring a bear into the studio?” 


Maggie pointed a finger, “Got me there, mate.” 


“What do we even do at this point? Like where do we go from here? They never taught me this in my Political Science class!” Robert said.


“Okay, okay. It’s a brown bear, a Grizzly bear. It’s not generally known for attacking humans. But, it can run up to 35 miles per hour, so if it comes for you…” Dean trailed off as he peered down from the counter he was standing on. 


“Right, what do we do then?” Jesse asked,


Yorkie looked back towards the opposite hallway, “What about the snake?” 


“York, I think we have bigger problems than the snake,” Robert said. 


“I know, I was just hoping if I brought the snake up, the bear would disappear.”