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Kanye wearing the ‘White lives matter shirt” at the Paris fashion show

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Kanye wearing the ‘White lives matter shirt” at the Paris fashion show

The 21-time Grammy winner Kanye West has had an interesting couple of days this past week. West was seen at a Paris fashion show wearing a “White lives matter” shirt, which spawned much controversy on Twitter regarding the shirt.


Many celebrities would tweet about how the shirt West was wearing was wrong, and Jaden Smith walked out of the show over the shirt and tweeted, “I don’t care who it is, if I don’t feel the message I’m out.” 


When reporters asked about the shirt, West would say cryptically, “It was obvious.” This isn’t the only spark of controversy with the famous rapper because West would go on to post anti-Semitic remarks on Instagram


Over the past weekend, West’s Instagram and Twitter were banned after he had messaged another rapper named Sean Love Combs, also known as Diddy. Diddy would post telling people not to buy the shirt, and West would put out another post about how Diddy is controlled by the Jewish people. This post would get out yet again, and the people were furious about it. 


All this would happen not shortly after Kanye was welcomed back to Twitter by the new owner, Elon Musk. Musk would tweet, “Welcome back to Twitter, my friend!” After all the backlash West has received, Musk would proceed to tweet, “Talked to Ye today & expressed my concerns about his recent tweet, which I think he took to heart.” 


More celebrities would come out to bash Kanye like “Friends” actor,  David Schwimmer, who comes from a Jewish family. He is furious about the things West has said about the Jewish community and went onto tweet,  “Whether or not Kanye West is mentally ill, there’s no question he is a bigot. His hate speech calls for violence against Jews. If you interpret his words any other way or defend him, guess what? You are racist.”


West’s troublesome tweets have been the talk of the web, but West has yet to apologize or explain the reasoning behind his actions. 

Jaden Smith’s tweets about Kanye’s shirt (Etcanada)