Lending a Helping Hand


Claire Pope spreads kindness to all. She has a willingness to help others. She is raider-tastic. Photo by: Lily McGregor Photography.

Claire Pope takes on senior year with panache here at North Forsyth. She has always lived in Cumming, Ga., and was born here. Pope looks up to her mother. “She [has] been through so much and I have never been more proud of a person. She [has] always been right next to me. My best friend,” Pope said. “(I want)people to feel as good as I feel when I am with her.”


Growing up, she says she was”a very personable kid.” During middle school, she felt that she “quieted down.” Toward the end of middle school Pope started experimenting with fashion. “I was dressed crazy.” stated Pope.


Although Pope is outgoing at school, she has her moments just like everyone else. “Even though I am very [free] at school. I still get nervous and get freaked out. And at the end of the day, I’m just like is this going to affect the world on a whole scale? Did I hurt anybody? No, I [was] embarrassed because I tripped in math class,” stated Pope. She has also ventured into the art of theater as a performer in last year’s production of Clue. “I hadn’t been in a play since I was in 4th grade. So being in the play made me happy and I loved the people I worked with,”she stated. 


Before her opportunity to be in Clue last year, Pope was put into Fundamentals of Theater in her freshman year. During her freshman year, the world faced Covid-19 and many places and people were isolated. Pope expressed,”[I felt I was] once again being confined to something. It kinda messed me up being in virtual (school). [It] really did affect me,” said Pope. Her story about her experience during online school is like many others around the world. “I am so glad to be back in person. I really did miss people.”


Pope showed her willingness to help others in school and she did just that when she was back in person. “After [Covid] I really just tried to do everything I could for the theater. I [was] going to every show as an usher and trying to help out as much as I could backstage,” said Pope. She soon became an aide in the class Library Science at North. Her friend Carmen Dethomas, a senior who introduced the class to her, was joining the class and wanted Pope to participate as well. “I started working in the library junior year. I fell in love with it. I love working in the library seeing all of these beautiful faces no matter how lost they may be,because the library can be really confusing” stated Pope. 


For the future, Pope dreams of working in “a museum or possibly research institution”. She wants to attend college and lastly, she wants to “do something for this world. Help catalog information and give people information because people deserve to know about where we are[today and tomorrow].”