Top 5 Christmas Songs


Christmas is around the corner and there are so many songs to listen to until it is over. Photo by: Reader’s Digest

Christmas has started early at North Forsyth this year. Teachers and students started getting into the Christmas spirit right after Thanksgiving break. Christmas music playing in different classrooms puts people in the mood for the upcoming season, but what songs are being played the most?


According to the students at North Forsyth, their fifth favorite Christmas song is “Last Christmas.” Many students said different artists. Some say Ariana Grande and some say Wham. Many people do not know that “Last Christmas” is actually a song about a past relationship and not really about Christmas.


Fourth on the list is the song “Jingle Bell Rock”. The most famous “Jingle Bell Rock” singers are Michael Buble and the Puppini Sisters. The writers of the song are Joseph Carleton and James Ross. Many do not know the original writers of the song since Bobby Helms turned the song into what it is today.


Next on the list landing in number three is “Little Drummer Boy.” The song is about drummers that were in the battlefield of the US Civil War. They were put there to regulate the troops marching and steps. There was a lot of controversy with the students debating on who sang the best cover of the song. The one that won by a landslide is the acapella group named Pentatonix.


Second and first place were very close, but in second place was “Santa Tell Me” by Ariana Grande. The song is about Ariana Grande asking Santa to not let her fall in love if the relationship will not last for a long time. It is a heartfelt song that teenagers and adults love.


The number one Christmas song, according to North Forsyth High School, is “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. Carey is known for Christmas songs and covers. Her lovely voice mixed with the Christmas cheer just makes everyone so happy. She said that she wrote the song out of her love for Christmas and Christmas songs.


Overall every Christmas song ever made has a special place in everybody’s heart, including new ones and old ones as well. New Christmas songs come out every year. Maybe next year there will be a new list of favorite songs. We just have to wait and see.