The Transgender Elephant in the Room


The House of Lauvau is Georgia’s central drag group.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go see a live drag queen show in Forsyth for the very first time on March 21st. It was such a supportive space and it was a place for people to really come together for a common interest. 


As I saw this show, it really hit me how important this type of show is. If I would’ve seen a show like this and met people like this when I was younger, I would’ve felt less alone and less strange. Some of the queens spoke about the anti-trans and anti-drag bills and laws that frankly terrify me. Trans youth make up 1.4% of the population and the constant threats against them from the state governments make me sick. All of these old people are nothing but bullies and I’m tired of my future resting on a bunch of old farts. We need gender affirming care, we need workplace safety, we need to live free of discrimination. We are real people of flesh and blood who are fighting the same fight as you. Who we are should not be a determining factor on if we survive. 


Trans lives matter and it’s about time people started remembering that.