Being Yourself Equals Big Opportunities?


Emery Exley HOBY Representative. Photo by: Lawton Exley

What does HOBY stand for? HOBY is the abbreviated version of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Organization that first started in 1958. Emery Exley, a sophomore at North Forsyth, gives an insightful look on what a representative is. “They’re a leader throughout your school [and are] willing to help their peers.” Exley stated. A HOBY Representative is not limited to their own class for aiding others, and nominees can be “anybody” who are nominated by teachers. Teachers look for students who show leadership and are willing to help others. Teachers who look for students to represent North Forsyth in academics are similar to the recognition some students get in other classes. Like students of the month for English and Science, some students are not aware until the end of the month. This is similar to Exley’s case.


Exley was not aware she was a nominee for the role. “My teachers selected me and I had no [idea] I was being picked,” she said. She then stated why she was nominated, “I just had to be myself, and I was just doing what my heart led me to do.” Exley also explained the opportunities she will be given with this role. “During the summer, I’ll be going to a leadership conference for [three to four days]. I’ll go through seminars and learn new leadership [skills] and meet people from our state who also got the HOBY Representative [role].”


Being a leader does not always mean a person is controlling. A leader can be someone who leads others in order to achieve a goal. Exley shared her opinion on what she thought made a good leader, “Someone who is always caring for others, who can take charge in a situation and adapt, and someone who can help their peers.” One positive change Exley would like to see throughout the North deals with other students, “I’d like to see more people coming out of their shells and willing to do things for others, and more people stepping up and [starting] clubs.” Other students may not know about this opportunity, but for those who do. Keep being a leader and keep being yourself. Exley will represent North well and others in the future will too.