Boys Varsity Basketball Season Off to a Remarkable Start


Emmy DeRose

Kal-El Deligadillo makes a great run for an easy bucket.

The Raiders boys’ Varsity basketball team won their first game of the season against Central Forsyth’s Bulldogs on Nov. 15. With a final score of 65-47, the season is just kicking off.


On the court there are five starting players on each team, and North had one substitute. Sophomore Brogen Casey is # 2, senior Kel-El Deligadillo is #12, senior Will Sokol is #14, junior Braden Mullis is #22, junior Brayden Turner is # 33, and junior Cole Kirouac is #34 on the Raider’s Varsity boys team.


At the end of the first period the score was 7-11, in favor of Central. After a timeout and some regrouping, the Raiders gained momentum and the game began to pick up. Less than one minute into the game, #15 on Central’s team scored a layup. Spirits likely dampened, North pushed on to win the game.


However, within the second period the Raiders scored enough to level the playing field. Casey scored a 3-pointer, which put the Raiders at 21 points and Central 25. The final score at the end of the quarter was raised to 29-25, with NFHS in the lead.


The third period went similarly. The difference was eight points, the score being 48-30.


Working together, North’s Varsity boys basketball team inched their way to victory in the final quarter of the game.


In the fourth period, stakes were high. Deligadillo had scored a rebound, making the score 63-44. Then, Central scored with one minute and 30 seconds remaining in the game. Within the last 45 seconds of the final period, #32 on the opposing team made his way down the court and scored.


To celebrate the first basketball game of the season, the school organized a spirit week, where every day was a different theme. The particular theme for Tuesday, Nov. 15, the day of the game, was Adam Sandler.


The 2022-2023 Varsity boys Basketball season is off to a great start!