The 2023 Baseball Season!


Sarah Treusch

Ready to bring home some wins!

It is finally that time of the year: Baseball season is on its way, meaning it is tryouts time! North Forsyth High School held baseball tryouts from Jan. 9 to Jan. 13. Many students were ready to show that they were qualified and deserve to be on one of our baseball teams. 


Every day of tryouts the boys did different things. On the first day of tryouts the Freshmen were separated from Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. On Monday the coaches got their running times and then they spent some time batting in the cages. 


Going into the first day everyone had different emotions about trying out. “I was very nervous because I wanted to achieve the goal of making the high school team,” freshman Anderson Shoemake commented. Some of the students were returning from last year. Those students felt less nervous than the boys who were trying out for the first time. 


On the second day the boys did scrimmages against each other separated by grades. They became more confident and relaxed as they got used to the feeling. “It was pretty relaxed. It wasn’t too intense. Everyone was chill,” Junior Gavin Seitz stated. 


The rest of the week they focused on scrimmages and batting in the cages. On Friday, the last day, they were told who made it or not. Many good players unfortunately did not make it through. “I was really nervous before I went up to see if I made it. I knew a lot of good kids and players who got cut. Then when I went there and found out I made it I was very happy and very shocked,” Sophomore Alex Taylor shared.


The players who did make it were very relieved that they made the cut. The boys were not told if they had been put into the freshman, junior varsity or varsity team. All they knew was that they made it and that was all they really cared about at the moment. 


Our baseball players are ready to start their season. “I’m excited to play with all my friends and compete in games,” Sophomore Ozzie Patterson said. 


The boys are ready to bring home wins for North. It is an exciting and thrilling season that is about to begin.