New Face in the NFC South

Carr getting ready to throw a pass.

Carr getting ready to throw a pass.

There has been much buzz over where former Las Vegas Raiders Quarterback, Derek Carr would go. The question was finally answered on the sixth of March when it was announced that Carr would go to the New Orleans Saints. During the 2022-2023 season, New Orleans used former Buccaneer, Jameis Winston as Quarterback but he did not play up to standards as a starter. 


Winston would get injured in week two with five back fractures, which would get him replaced with Andy Dalton. Dalton would go on to start for the rest of the season where he also didn’t perform well, finishing the season 7-10. The Saints needed a Quarterback for the 2023 season immediately.


As stated already, Carr was a part of the Las Vegas Raiders, where he then denied extending his contract for another two years, parting ways with the team. Many speculated that he would go to the Jets, Panthers, or the Titans, but he ultimately landed in New Orleans.


During his time in Las Vegas, Carr has been considered as being the best Quarterback that the Raiders have had in a while. He has put up higher numbers than the likes of Ken Stabler and Rich Gannon. In 2021 he put up some of the highest numbers in his career with 4,804 total yards and having a QB rating of 94 percent. 


The Saints offense works really well for Carr because he is considered one of the biggest threats in deep passes, and that’s what the Saints really like to do as their scheme during games. Carr has a completion rate of 38.8 percent when it comes to deep passes, which is pretty decent. He will be a force to be reckoned with for the opposing safeties that have to cover the receivers he throws to.


Even though the next season of the NFL is still a while away, It will be very exciting to see what Carr has in store for everyone while he moves to his new home in the NFC South.