NFHS Tennis Team Honors Three Seniors


Abby Shoemake

The three seniors with coach Mac Barron.

On Thursday, March 16, the North Forsyth tennis team celebrated three seniors with a senior night celebration and a match against Jackson County. Though the team did lose the battle, seniors Truett Davis, Kamen Fisher, and Calvin Washburn won a senior season they will never forget.


The senior night started with a gathering of parents, family members, and senior supporters to hear what coach Mac Barron had to say about each of the players. In his speech, Barron took the time to focus on each player and the positive attributes they bring to the team. 


To begin the speech girl’s coach Heather Moore explained, “This is a special night to honor those at our school that have represented North Forsyth and we are extremely excited to do that.” Though she does not coach the three seniors, Coach Moore feels nonetheless proud of the accomplishments these boys have made within raider nation. 


When Coach Barron took the spotlight to speak about the seniors he shared with the gathered crowd that the flowers they held were not for themselves, but for their moms who have dedicated their time pouring into the passions of their sons. He said, “Moms, thank you for raising good men and dads, thank you for helping along the way.” This celebration of senior parents touched the hearts of those there to support their Raider tennis team. 


First up to honor was Kamen Fisher whose first and last year it was on the team. Coach Barron touched on how he wished Fisher had been around for all of his high school career, but was extremely thankful that he decided to spend his final year with the team. “Thank you Kamen for being a part of the team. We are very very pleased,” said Barron.


Moving on to Truett Davis, Barron spoke about how the player has been reserved in social aspects but not on the court. “Truett is not the most talkative of fellows… but he’s been one of those guys you can count on where you put him,” Barron said. Davis has been reliable and flexitive with the team and an integral part of their overall success. 


Finally coach Barron spoke about Calvin Washburn who has been on the team from the very beginning. “Everything coming from him is positive,” said Barron speaking about Washburn’s attitude. Barron remarked about Washburn’s ability to brighten a day and boost morale

 within the team. 


When asked what his favorite part about the senior season was, Washburn said, “My favorite part about the senior season is getting to see everybody who I’ve played with over time get better and being able to spend that time with them.” Washburn holds a high respect towards all of his other teammates and is excited to see how players continue to grow even when he has graduated. 


The team celebrated with cake, refreshments, and food before they took to the courts against Jackson County. Carson Failla took home a win on line 1 singles and Jaxon Barnett won on line two singles.