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This is a screencap of the first page of the comic back in 2009 when this whole crazy ride started. Homestuck follows the story of 28 different characters who all set out to play a game and end up saving the world.

Seven Year Comic Comes to a Touching Conclusion

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor May 23, 2016

April 13, 2009, marked the beginning of the comic called Homestuck and on the seventh anniversary of the comic (April 13, 2016) the final act of the comic finished, bringing the entire comic to a close,...

In Kingdom Come readers watch as the iconic DC heroes turn their capes over to a new generation.

A Comic of Biblical Proportions

Colin Bergen, Staff Writer November 6, 2014

Age is inevitable: no matter how hard people try or how hard people fight, wrinkles come, their bones get weak, and the world keeps on turning, but what about superheroes? Sure, the environments and situations...

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