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Texas Massacre: Everything You Need To Know

olice reported to the scene quickly after the shooting and found a horrific scene. The suspect was already dead in his car.

Andrew Willings, Staff Writer

December 7, 2017

A Texas Baptist church was attacked on November 5, leaving 26 worshippers deceased and 20 injured. This was the deadliest shooting in Texan history and almost no one in the church was left unscathed. Among the victims were the pastor’s daughter and substitute, as well as all eight members of the Holcomb...


Expectations can be healthy or crushing. Obsessive thought and restricting criticism can engage someone to completely shut down. Letting go of control is freeing. I have realized that striving to be the best me is the greatest thing I can do.

Perri Rabbitt, Staff Writer

December 19, 2014

I gasped for air, realizing that there were two hands around my neck, clenching, pulsing. They would squeeze so tight sometimes. Sometimes they would squeeze so tightly that I realized there was no open passage for air to enter and quench my craving. This was a time like that, lasting longer than any...

Obesity: Disease or Choice?

If we can control what we eat does that mean that we can control our weight?

Citlali Arzate, Staff writer

April 11, 2014

It is estimated that every one of us is born with at least five to ten potentially deadly gene mutations. Not every gene mutation is deadly, but many of them are the root cause that leads to diseases such as diabetes, sickle cell anemia, Huntington’s disease, and obesity.  Obesity is a major problem...

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