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This entire poem was made out of the lyrics on the album by Pink Floyd. Depicted above is a photo representation of the metaphor presented throughout the album, and on the album cover itself. The cover of the album displays a prism with light coming in to form a rainbow, but the underlying meaning in much more complex. Sanity is considered lucidity, insanity is considered to be lunacy, and the moon, in Spanish, is called luna. A person presumed to be crazy is called a lunatic. Therefore, the cover represents the dark (lunacy) and the bright (lucidity) sides of life.   The photo is a take on the cover with the rainbow, and utilization of the yin yang as a prism, but the overall meaning is of lucidity and lunacy.

Dark Side of Life

Lany Campbell, Staff Writer April 15, 2016

Leave but don’t leave me Forget the sun Smiles and tears is all your life will be Balanced on the biggest wave You race toward an early grave   I’ve been mad for years Been...

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