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The Logo for this film is only the tip of what shows up in this film (Image taken from Movie

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Mediocre

Seth Anderson, Staff Writer May 11, 2016

This movie is probably one of the strangest releases of 2016, and it’s only in the first quarter of the year. This film was intended to go up against the blockbuster Avengers 2: Age of Ultron last summer,...

Being a hero does not require having a cape, a skin tight suit, or a mask, but what it does require is courage and bravery. Students often dress up as their favorite superhero because they either admire them or they want to be like them.

Superman is Everywhere

Tara Bailey, Features Editor November 21, 2013

Superman was always my favorite superhero growing up because he was everything a superhero should be: brave, courageous, honorable, and strong. He was always there to save the day, to save the people,...

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