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It is the time of year for students all over the world to stay up late into the night studying for one of the most important tests of the year: midterms. Junior, Katie Harrill, uses all the time she can get to study.

Double Summative Midterms Should Not Be a Thing

Abby Marks, Features Editor December 17, 2018

It is hands-down every high school student’s least favorite time of the year: midterm season. Kids everywhere are frantically rummaging through their binders trying to find notes from early August, struggling...

That number two pencil stares blankly as is rests upon the desk. It is picked up as someone takes a deep breath and begins to answer the questions written upon the paper.

How to Prepare for the PSAT and SAT

Bella Angell, Staff Writer September 14, 2016

P-S-A-T are four terrifying letters sophomores hear all the time. S-A-T are three scary letters juniors and seniors hear all throughout high school. These tests are imminent and we naturally cringe when...

This picture accurately depicts Nate Shinkle at his death bed during standardized testing; this is how all of us students feel as well.

Standardized Testing is Madness

Jade Flack, Staff Writer May 11, 2016

As a sophomore student, I think I speak for everyone when I say: testing is hell. During these last few weeks of 2015-2016 school year, we are bombarded with pointless and redundant projects, essays, EOCTs,...

High school students at NFHS cram for their exams next week.

How to Survive Midterm Week

Jack Dalmolin, Staff Writer December 12, 2014

Well, students, it is that time of the year again! The time to sing along to Christmas carols for a month and share the joy of the holiday season with friends and family! Oh, wait - not quite so fast....

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