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The thoughts surround and fill the mind. Photo from Psychology Today

What I Would Give

Abby Shoemake, Staff Writer January 23, 2023

What I would give to breathe through fresh lungs Down to the depths of which I cannot reach   To have steady hands and an average heartbeat Eating without fear of losing it to a trash...



Kiera Walker, Staff Writer October 7, 2022

I wonder how the silence has eaten me up Was it in a swift motion gracefully without me knowing?  Was I too young to notice or too naive  Sometimes I just sit in the silence  As people question...

My mind often feels like it’s filled with ink or fog. However, I know that moments like these pass a given time. Photo from Pinterest

From Time to Time

Emma Simmons March 19, 2021

My room is a prison from time to time When it’s supposed to be a respite It only hurts every now and again And I promise I fight it the best I can With hobbies And friends And breaks. But...

Culturally, especially for men, crying is a taboo. Why is a natural emotion seen as such a negative?

It’s Okay to be Sad: An Open Letter to the Person Who Needs it

Anna Anglin, Staff Writer February 1, 2017

They say happiness is a choice. So, I used to wonder: Is sadness a choice as well? Happiness is a positive emotion, something I know you strive for. Happiness is laughing with friends, seeing your excited...

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