Season Four Creeps Over the Horizon


The Walking Dead returns in October with even more gun slinging, walker slaying action.

September is here! Finally September, and what does that mean? September means not the fall, not the upcoming fair, not the corn maze, and no, not homecoming. For Walking Dead fans, September merely marks beginning of the one month countdown to the premier of season four. It was a long summer, and I seriously considered going through a walker-withdrawals rehab program to put an end to my sleepless nights and pounding migraines once and for all.

If you have not seen the first three seasons, I would suggest you get on the ball and put your Netflix account to use, because The Walking Dead is not just your average zombie show. The most watched drama in basic cable history is based on the main character, Rick,  who struggles to keep his family and group safe from the various factors, living or dead, that threaten their lives in a zombie apocalypse. Throughout the show, the group meets new friends and even more enemies, along with the constant struggle to keep their humanity in the merciless world of demons. Chances of survival are slim, and nobody is safe. Season 4 will pave a new path with open opportunities for everybody’s favorite television characters.

In all seriousness, The Walking Dead really is THAT good and THAT different. No other show has the attention grabbing affect that this show demonstrates every week. The characters clamp their claws in your mind and hold tight. I go into every episode hoping and praying for good fortune for these fictional characters. Oh, it is so much more than your average blood-and-brains zombie show.

But don’t worry! When The Walking Dead returns, so will I! In mid-October I will start writing weekly recaps of the episodes. I’ll be sure to include my thoughts on the show, controversial topics, predictions, and much more! Have a safe, zombie free break.


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