Is the Reverse-Flash Back in Action?


Nash is talking to his hallucination. The guy in the hat is the hallucination and the guy on the wall is Nash. (Photo from the CW.)

The Flash, season six, has many twists and turns that make you eager to watch more. This CW TV series is about a guy named Barry Allen who gets struck by lightning, causing him to go into a coma for 9 months. He wakes up in a place called Star Labs where he meets Cisco, Kaitlen, and Dr. Harrison Wells, “Eobard Thawne.” When Allen was 11, his mother was murdered by a yellow blur. Later on, he realizes the yellow blur is actually the Reverse-Flash who is pretending to be Dr. Wells. At the end of season one, Allen defeats the Reverse-Flash.

In the fifth and most recent season, Allen is still running around saving lives and defeating other villains like Dr. Wells. In the episode “The Newest Wells,” Nash, who came from another earth, keeps seeing another version of himself that no one else can see. He shrugs it off and pretends that he doesn’t see him. At the end of the episode, it shows Nash walking into a room when all of a sudden the other version of himself pulls him back and says, “he is coming.” As the hallucination says this, his eyes turn red.

In season five, Nora (Allen’s daughter), goes back in time to save her dad. However, Nora is working with the Reverse-Flash in the future. Nora and Dr. Wells are planning on saving Allen. In the last episode of season five, it shows Allen escaping the prison he is in and going back in time. The Reverse-Flash tells Nora to use the negative speed force. The negative speed force causes their eyes to turn red. 

When Nash has the hallucination of himself saying “he is coming,” it makes me think that he was referring to the Reverse-Flash. Thawne’s eyes turn red when he uses the negative speed force, so maybe Nash’s hallucination was doing the same. Freshman Helena Saadat agrees with this theory. “Yes, because the hallucinations eyes turned red.”

I am very excited to see what happens in season seven, and if Thawne is back, that would be very exciting. Allen will have to deal with the Reverse-Flash again, so in this case, the action is just about to begin.