The Try Guys and What’s Going On


The Try Guys YouTube

Eugene Lee Yang, Zack Kornfeld and Keith Habersberger speaking about Ned Fulmer.

The end of September to Oct. 8 has been full of online drama and news. Everyone by now has heard about the Try Guys drama. And if not, this is the post for you. Here is the rundown of all the news involving The Try Guys, and its new SNL drama.


On Sept. 27, it was announced that Ned Fulmer would be leaving the titular online YouTube channel, Try Guys. Earlier that day and the day prior, the internet was buzzing with a rumor that Fulmer was cheating on his wife, Ariel Fulmer. After he and a co-worker were seen at a concert together by multiple people. Fulmer confirmed this on Twitter on the 27 and announced that he had committed infidelity and had been in a relationship with his coworker, Alexandria Herring.


Why is this problematic, and why do we care? Try Guys was a major company. Originating from Buzzfeed, it had a huge following. Ned Fulmer was one of four owners and founders. The other founders, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger and Zack Kornfeld are put at a huge risk because of Fulmer. Fulmer was having relations with a subordinate and a worker in his company. As Lee Yang, Habersberger and Kornfeld stated on their recent video about this controversy, this is a huge problem and something they take incredibly seriously. 


On Oct. 3, Lee Yang, Habersberger and Kornfeld posted a video on their channel called “what happened.” They spoke about how they had no idea this was going on. They talked about all the steps they took to make sure they went about it properly and to conduct a thorough review of Fulmer and his activities. They also said, “We found that Ned had engaged in conduct unbecoming of our team, and we knew we could not move forwards with him. So on Friday, Sept. 16, the three of us signed written consent of the members of Second Try LLC approving the removal of Ned as a manager and employee.”


They wanted to wait to make a full statement to respect the privacy of the victims and their families. They were clear in their intent of saving the privacy of the family and making sure the victims had time to themselves. But on Oct. 8, Saturday Night Live aired a sketch parodying the Try Guys announcement video. The main issue people are having with the sketch is that it seemed to be insensitive, making fun of his workplace harassment and treating it as if they were exaggerating and being dramatic about the issue of a power dynamic. 


Some details are still unfolding about the situation with very little information from The Fulmer’s themselves and Herring. But with more and more information, it only seems to get worse for them. The Try Guys still have plans to make and post videos without Fulmer and his influences, continuing to treat this situation as seriously as they can to repair the damages caused.