UGA Is Not the Only Option


Natalie Wilson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As a senior in fall semester, I am no stranger to the college application process: I have toured, attended and researched with the best of them, and I am beginning to notice a problem with the way students view college. At North, we are repeatedly encouraged to learn more about the larger institutions. It feels like every other week that we are welcoming representatives from the University of Georgia or Kennesaw State University. That is all fine, they are wonderful schools with programs fit for successful students, but could you tell me that you feel like the College of Coastal Georgia has been equally represented? How about Albany State University? Armstrong State University?

If you are like me, you probably had no idea that they even existed. Not only is this ridiculous, it is also unfair to each and every graduating senior. Sure, these schools are small- there are many more just like them in Georgia- but size does not determine value. I have found that Georgia College in Milledgeville is actually a better fit for me than the larger state universities that I was encouraged to apply to, solely because my grades and test scores are on par with their averages. No one ever told me that it was okay to maybe take a step down from the superiority platform that clearly exists in high school and consider public universities, so long as they have what I am looking for. There is not a thing wrong with attending a smaller, less expensive school, and just because they do not have a cultish football fandom does not mean that their academics are anything to frown at. It is all about finding the best fit for you as an individual.

My advice to every other senior who is in the midst of personal statements and résumés just like me would be to not let a school’s size or price tag steer you away; venture out to every college that you can, and do not let popularity be a deciding factor.  Make your choice on what feels right, and do not be afraid to go somewhere a little different.