One on One with Perri Rabbit


Perri Rabbit, grade 12, is an outstanding figure in the community and participates in many school projects along with projects at her church to help improve her surroundings.

Diana Rodgers, Staff writer

When one looks around a workplace, most people would see are dreary faces doing the bare minimum they need to for the paycheck or the grade that they need to get by. One does not normally see a smiling face as they work or anyone cares about their work and is optimistic. Here at our school, someone who is optimistic can get lost in a sea of passive faces of people who just go through the motions but one student refuses to have her smile drowned out. No matter what hardships she has dealt with NFHS Senior Perri Rabbit has done everything she can with what she has been given in life and managed to stay optimistic through every trouble she has.

Rabbit is the kind of person that would go to a funeral and console other people and saying that we should not be mourning the person’s death but celebrating their life even if she herself was upset. Anyone who walks through the halls with her is able to see the huge smile that stays on her face throughout the day. She goes around complimenting people and talking with everyone in an effort to brighten up everyone’s day, and she makes people feel involved with the everyday hustle and bustle of life. I am lucky enough to have the chance to sit down and talk with her about how she manages to keep such an optimistic outlook on life even with the hardships that everyone has to go through.

When Rabbit was younger she suffered from a severe anxiety disorder that caused problems with her ability to function on a daily basis. She would get anxiety and panic attacks about fears she had made up in her mind. What gave her hope to see past how difficult of a time she had gone through was her Christian faith, especially the verse Joshua 1; 9. Along with her faith, being able to watch her two older sisters grow up before her helped give her a chance to watch people and really look at the nature of how the world works. In being able to see her family changing and maturing she realized that there is a lot of good in the world. “Most people don’t tend to see the good in this world. They are more in tune to seeing bad things and reacting and getting upset instead of good things and being happy but really there is good in everything.” She said reflecting about the attitude of most people.

At heart Rabbit has core religious values that act as the roots of her positive nature. She loves, “Jesus and seeking him and learning more about him is why that makes sense because he embodies perseverance and optimism. That’s who he is so that’s where I start to see positivity from,” Rabbit states after talking to me about how her religious views help guide her in being positive and optimistic. Along with her religion she also has had her family to help her on the path of optimism. “They are a huge support to me. It’s really cool because I can come to them for like anything and they help me.” She said. This shows how much trust she has with her parents and how much they want her to do well in life and with all of her dreams.

Even after high school, Rabbit plans to keep a positive outlook by wanting to become an occupational therapist as a long term goal, but as she moves into college, Rabbit would like to get more involved with the community and her church. Along with those goals, Rabbit would also like to study abroad during college to learn in different countries and try to be part of the community in these temporary homes as well.

Rabbit has a big heart, and it is her most notable characteristic. The big heart she possesses makes her able to open up to her community and help give back, which, in turn made, has made her discover her passion for helping people. Even with her own hardships in life, she always finds time to help the community, and her friends, and make sure that those around her are in a good place and happy. Rabbit is one of the most optimistic people at North Forsyth High School, and when she graduates this year, someone is going to have very big shoes to fill in the school and community.