Prom: The Do’s and Do Not’s


Making the right choices will make prom night extraordinary. Many people enjoyed prom last year, but some had to face the consequences of bad decisions. Make the right decisions and enjoy prom, because it is a memory that you will want to reminisce.

Kristin Iler, Staff writer

Prom is a nerve-wracking, perplexing, and overwhelming part of most teenagers’ lives. Whether this is your first or second time going, it is sure to be an action-packed evening. Before you get all hyped up, be sure to know the difference between a fun and an unintelligent choice.


  1. Dress presentably. This is a formal event, so you do not want to look out of place. Jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes should be avoided when planning prom attire.
  2. Tend to your hygiene. Brushing your teeth, applying deodorant, and taking care of other needs are crucial to looking and feeling good at prom.
  3. Plan the attire. Purchase your formal wear in advance, so you are not scrounging to get an outfit at last minute.
  4. Wear comfortable attire. It is your night; you should not be in pain because of a blistered ankle or a dress that is too tight.
  5. Take tons of pictures. While prom is a treasured memory, you should take pictures for sentimental value.
  6. Have fun. Prom should be fun, celebratory, and unforgettable.

Do Not’s:

  1. Do not show too much skin. No one wants to see your whole body, and you should be somewhat reserved. There will be other students, parents, and teachers at the event, so be careful what outfit that you choose.
  2. Do not go over the top with your look. While looking enchanting is the main topic everyone’s minds, do not go out of your comfort zone. You can be simple and look great at the same time.
  3. Do not spend too much money. After prom, everyone wants to go fancy and costly, but there are other ways to enjoy the night. Plan a large banquet at someone’s house. It’s inexpensive, and will be just as brilliant as dinner at Outback Steakhouse.
  4. Do not forget anything. There are various possessions that you should not forget. Don’t forget to use your common sense, pack supplies, and most importantly, don’t forget to have fun.

Prom should be the night that you remember forever. By knowing what you should and should not do will make it even more remarkable. Be out of harm’s way on prom night, because who does not love a happy ending?