Perception of Rain

© Roland Hoskins

The dark clouds roll over a town as everyone waits for the clear skies to return. Photo from

Perception of Rain 


The Sky remains an interesting thing

One day it is blue

The next it’s grey

When the sky is blue

Everyone stays out to play


The sky remains quiet 

Listening to the day

People yell and scream

But the sky does not participate 

The sky wishes to speak back but is too afraid


But when the sky does become grey

It finally tries to speak back

But no one stays to listen

Everyone runs to hide

And the sky is left alone 


The louder the sky yells

The quieter the people get

Some look up but quickly shy away

The sky can cry and sob

But the people won’t return 


Not until the sky rolls its covers back

Will the people come out with smiles 

The sky forced to hide behind the blue mirror 

Wishing one day

For the people to see it’s true face


A face of sorrow 

For the skies bears the burdens of the people 

Is it not strange how people fail to listen 

When the skies show

Their true personality