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“Gathering Storm” by Ivan Aivazovsk

Farewells In Spring

Iris Chiofolo, Opinion Editor September 12, 2023

your glances are poison, staining my heart, the longer I linger, the harder to depart.   your hands are like fire, singing my skin, none of this you may know, my animosity...

A person, seen as a bug. Photo by Gracie Zimmerman

A Bug’s View

Gracie Zimmerman, Literature Editor April 10, 2023

Drowning in sorrows, Awaiting tomorrows.   Each day passing, Missed opportunities flashing.   Walking past previous images, Of a girl who faced many damages.   Regrets...

Questioning identity and not knowing what you look like. Photo from Adobe Stock Image

The Want of Identity

Kai Shabman, Opinion Editor February 13, 2023

To be a bird in the way that crows sit together on wires To be a cat in the way that orange cats chirp at bugs To be human in the way that humans hold an umbrella out at rainy bus stops   To...

The lighted path of fresh blanketed snow, “what a wonderful slight,” she thought. (Photo By: Artist Network)

Winter Is Here

Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer December 13, 2022

Winter is here  Snow blankets across the naked trees,  The sun smiles but hides between the thick wispy clouds Wind rushed by her, Catching her by surprise    Winter is here Her...

The fantasy I dream of. Photo by Lohrien

My Dream

Kinley Waltman, News Editor December 12, 2022

The fantasy I dream of. You make me happy. I'm talking about the cliche kind, the kind where I get all giddy and hug myself, unable to contain my happiness. The kind where I talk to my mom...

Waiting for sleep to visit. Photo from Goodnight Moon

Falling Asleep

Gracie Zimmerman, Literature Editor October 28, 2022

20 minutes of counting sheep One sheep, two sheep, three Over the fence and through the cloud Attempting to fall asleep   Not as easy as it seems Laying in bed for eternity Wondering...

Katie (top) and Winnie (bottom) who acted as my inspiration for this haiku.

Banana Cat

Iris Chiofolo, Staff Writer October 7, 2022

There once was a cat, Who wore a banana hat, And lived in a flat.   Her hat made her mad She looked funny—just a tad. Amused was her Lad.   It strangled her head, So...

If only we weren’t from different lives. (Photo from Google)

Until Death Do Us Part

Emma Simmons, Sports Editor December 21, 2021

She sits in the walls Pale in life, in death In life after death And I can’t help but feel drawn forward Toward her Sunken cheeks and see-through eyes Blue like the sea Dark like...

Inner thoughts and anxiety clawing at her. 
Photo by: Lauren Geall

Clawing Anxiety

Kinley Waltman, Staff Writer October 6, 2021

I have a fear of having to perform,  It makes my emotions a thunderstorm.   The sensation within makes me ill,  The feeling leaves me fragile.   I attempt to speak with weak...

Sophomore Megan Sing says that her favorite part of reading is that “it’s so peaceful and allows me to destress and take a break from the world,” and her favorite book is I’ll Give You a Dollar If You Consider This Art. Photo by Sarah Treusch.

Living Many Lives

Sarah Treusch, News Editor March 15, 2021

Over the years I have lived many lives I have worn the crown of a king And carried the burden of a wive I climbed the highest mountain And breathed the crisp air I swam with sharks Anxiety...

I sink into the earth The killer of innocence. Photo from Akupara Games, from the short film DAMIEN

The Killer Of Innocence

Jen Vincent, Literature Editor February 26, 2021

Upon a field of flowers, I stand The smell of pine fills my nose. I am nothing but a wasteland I turned my head. To see the flowers wilting.   Now it is winter,  The field is bathed...

Photo by Gaia on Bandcamp.

Society Unmasked

Cynda Allen, Opinion/Features Editor February 22, 2021

How boring it would be  To live in a society  Where people are afraid to be who they want to be. Like sheep, they are herded into one category, Following the first trend they see. Afraid...

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