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Maddie Lewis

Maddie Lewis, News Editor

HIIIIIIIIIIII! My name is Maddie Lewis and this is my second and final year of journalism. I am also in fact the news editor this year, SUPER exciting. I have a dachshund named Molly who happens to be my child. I even have a keychain that reads: “I love Molly”. My kryptonite is Criminal Minds. I’ve watched that show at least 3 times. I also enjoy playing Sims 4 on my playstation when I have time because my obsession comes in waves. I am a true swiftie at heart!! My favorite songs are: “My Tears Ricochet”, “Dorothea”, “I Know Places” and “Dear John”. “Folklore” is a true MASTERPIECE as Taylor poured her heart and soul into the lyrics. Thriller and Horror movies are my forté, believe you me. My favorite movie of all time is Black Swan. My goals for journalism is to have fun for my last year and create a BEAUTIFUL literary magazine.

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What I was wearing for my first day of Kindergarten!

A Radierrific Memory

Maddie Lewis, News Editor
April 18, 2024
 A sunset combined with the colors of pink and orange.


Maddie Lewis, News Editor
March 28, 2024
Swift is not holding back on her new upcoming album, as her track five song is “So Long, London”.

Unpredictable: The 66th Grammys

Maddie Lewis, News Editor
February 8, 2024
 Hills sink and shift direction like someones life.

Hills Go By

Maddie Lewis, News Editor
January 23, 2024
Belle, the Sim dog, in all her glory

Belle: The Sweater Dog

Maddie Lewis, News Editor
November 10, 2023
The top five movies in poster form

Top Five Scariest Movies

Maddie Lewis, News Editor
November 2, 2023
Lovely goat poses for her picture as she amuses the younger generation for a lifetime


Maddie Lewis, News Editor
September 6, 2023
The three salads that have been marked off of shelves due to the bacteria: Listeria

Listeria Salads Recalls

Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer
April 20, 2023
The infamous white minivan the four kidnapped citizen were traveling in before being gunned down by the Gulf Cartel

Mexico Kidnappings Turn Fatal

Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer
March 14, 2023
Firefighters responded to a blazing Atlanta cop car after violent protesters lit it on fire.

The Georgia State Emergency

Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer
February 14, 2023
Photo Caption: Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey both work together to uncover the gruesome story of Harvey Weinsteins sexual harassment allegations (Photo By: Vanity Fair)

Was “She Said” Worth the Wait?

Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer
December 17, 2022
The lighted path of fresh blanketed snow, “what a wonderful slight,” she thought. (Photo By: Artist Network)

Winter Is Here

Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer
December 13, 2022
The Sanderson sisters are forced back into modern day times to fight the aspects of life at a grocery store. Photo By: TV Insider.

Hocus Pocus vs. Hocus Pocus 2

Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer
October 27, 2022
 The Esports Arena located at North Forsyth High School where the team’s come to practice and prepare for a match.  (Photo by Maddie Lewis)

Making NFHS History: ESports

Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer
September 19, 2022
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Maddie Lewis