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Maddie Lewis

Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer

Hey everyone! I’m Madelyn “Maddie” Lewis, but please don't call me Madelyn (only my parents call me that when I'm in trouble). I’m a junior this year and also very excited to announce that this is my very first year in Journalism. Mrs. Younghouse recommended me for the class, and I wanted to try it out…So here I am! I have a chunky dachshund named Molly that is my child, and a jack russell mix named Bruiser that doesn't have anything to do with me. I enjoy murder documentaries that include: Dateline and Snapped. My favorite movies include: Black Swan, Titanic and Midsommar (even though that movie scarred me for life). Interestingly enough, I have a cut out of Spencer Reid (from Criminal Minds) in my room, trust me I’m not crazy! I'm also an avid book reader that collects more books than I read. Overall this year in journalism I hope to advance my writing skill and come out of my shell a little bit ;)))))). 
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The lighted path of fresh blanketed snow, “what a wonderful slight,” she thought. (Photo By: Artist Network)

Winter Is Here

December 13, 2022
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Maddie Lewis