Winter Is Here


The lighted path of fresh blanketed snow, “what a wonderful slight,” she thought. (Photo By: Artist Network)

Winter is here 

Snow blankets across the naked trees, 

The sun smiles but hides between the thick wispy clouds

Wind rushed by her,

Catching her by surprise 


Winter is here

Her red scarf tugs at the bleak air 

Her shoes crunch between the soft snow and the rigid concrete, 

The lights along the path flicker, 

As if they know she’s there.

The aroma of the evergreen illuminates the lighted path

What a beautiful stench–she thought


Winter is here 

Balls of each color sparkle throughout the tree 

The star shines bright and high as it watches from below 

The town, covered in lights, sprang with open arms

Toys in every store, as they would say.

The glass windows featuring the “World’s Finest Toys”

Watches for newcomers, ringing its bell as if it was excited for the entry


Winter is here 

As the town runs away from her, 

She is met with a little bungalow. 

Where a colorful wreath is hung 

Inside, the Christmas tree is lit, the stocking on the mantel

And the indistinct singing of Christmas carols is heard throughout the house 

She walks in. 

From there, she is met with a familiar face 

She comforts them as she looks upon the fresh soup, 

Sitting and waiting for her, only her 


That is when she finally understood,

Winter is here