Was “She Said” Worth the Wait?

Photo Caption: Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey both work together to uncover the gruesome story of Harvey Weinsteins sexual harassment allegations (Photo By: Vanity Fair)

Photo Caption: Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey both work together to uncover the gruesome story of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment allegations (Photo By: Vanity Fair)

“A Quiet Thriller That Speaks Volumes” said by New York Times writer Alexis Soloski. “She Said” is an empowering and unforgettable film that undergoes not only the sexual harassment

women can encounter, but also demonstrates the power women can uphold when they come together. 


The movie follows two investigative reporters from the New York Times, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey. Kantor, at first, was covering a story of workplace harassment, but she and Twohey slowly unleash the story of Harvey Weinstein and his sexual abuse allegations. Weinstein, a man of great influence as well as “power” over the industry, comes to show how people will lay their life down to save their own reputation. 


Harvey Weinstein, a man many of you know, is a well-known Hollywood movie producer owning the enterprise company, Miramax. Miramax has produced well-known movies such as: “Kill Bill” and “Pulp Fiction”. The authority this man had over the women he harassed for such a time is honestly unbelievable, how can someone truly be this powerful? 


He was the man behind the mask. Throughout the movie, multiple women who had worked at the television company tell the recollection of the multiple people questioning them as to why they quit the company all because it was “an honor” to work for Weinstein. 


Imagine being told that “it’s a one and a lifetime experience” to work for the man who assaulted you. Weinstein paid these women millions and millions of dollars to hush up, hush money if you will say. The payout contributed to the problem, but in my eyes, the biggest issue was that no one would believe them. It’s hard to understand that law enforcement, the people who are supposed to protect you, sit around until multiple accounts are made. Weinstein was simply untouchable. 


So the overall question is, was it worth the wait? Absolutely yes. Not only was the story development well thought out, but the characters were strongly developed, even nailing the similarities between the actor and the “real” person. The film achieves its purpose perfectly due to it portraying multiple divisions of purpose and not only one, making it a multi-framed film. 


Kantor vividly explains, “How many Harveys are out there?”. She is so correct, how many? How many men have assaulted women within the workforce? How many have paid for their victims to be quiet? How many have used their own power and name to become untouchable to these victims? The quote is overall so powerful because it highlights the overgrowing problem of sexual harassment. 


Sarah Pavlin, a junior commented on how sexual harassment can impact a women’s role in society, she explained, “Sexual harassment is detrimental to an entire work environment…it erodes a team, poisoning a workspace with personal, uncomfortable, and traumatic emotions…” she also added, “[It’s] important to recognize in order to include women in productive and effective working teams…[to] make a difference.”    


Throughout, Weinstein is exemplified as a heinous and vile person, never giving him a second of grace. The film conveys how much power men truly hold in society, yet again it elicits a sense of courage to survivors of sexual abuse. When we come together, we’re unstoppable. 


The competence given to women within the movie is truly what makes it such an inspiring and spectacular film.