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The best rom-coms.

Rom-Com’s Through the Eras

Kiera Walker, Staff Writer February 29, 2024

Throughout cinematic history, people have loved romance in movies. Whether it be the infamous Indiana Jones movies, where he always ends up with the girl after every adventure, or a superhero movie like...

The logo for the entertainment platform Disney Plus. Disney Plus, where you can stream many movies.

Disintegration of Disney: Fallen Empire, Rising Monopoly

Ava White, Staff Writer January 31, 2024

Following the scarcity of wealth in the United States, the “dirty thirties” seemed to be propelling society into a rocky start. Although financial depression was at its very strife and many were dejected...

The movie “Die Hard” takes place in Los Angeles.

“Die Hard” is NOT a Christmas movie

Grace Hutka and Cameron Simpson December 7, 2023

Christmas is a time of year everyone looks forward to. The food, family and fun are continuous and infectious. Many families start watching Christmas movies to get into the spirit, which raises the question...

Great Place to watch all the new movies.

New Movies

Ross Akins, Staff Writer November 16, 2023

With the holiday season ramping up, new movies are scheduled to be released. From horror movies to drama movies to romance movies, the lineup set to be released is stacked. Every new holiday season comes...

Caption: Well-rounded characters are difficult to create.
Photo by: Iris Chiofolo

What Makes a Good Fictional Character?

Iris Chiofolo, Staff Writer April 21, 2023

Whether or not a piece of media— books, movies, TV series, etc.—is enjoyable is dependent on the characters. While this is not the case for some people, I find that characters can make or break a story....

The iconic 2003 movie “Down With Love” with Ewan McGregor and Renée Zellweger.
Photo By: Disney+

My Favorite Rom-com Programs to Watch for Valentines Day❤

Carmen DeThomas, Staff Writer February 12, 2023

With Valentine's right around the corner, it is always nice to have a good rom-com to snuggle up to and watch: so as an early gift, here are some of my favorite rom-coms that I recommend.   My...

Jeremy Renner playing MCU character “Hawkeye”

Jeremy Renner in ICU

Kiera Walker, Staff Writer January 27, 2023

On Jan.2, 2023, the day after new years Jeremey Renner was run over by his Snow plow after he got off of it. Renner who plays “Hawkeye'' in the Marvel universe, also plays the character, Clint Barton...

Photo Caption: Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey both work together to uncover the gruesome story of Harvey Weinsteins sexual harassment allegations (Photo By: Vanity Fair)

Was “She Said” Worth the Wait?

Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer December 17, 2022

“A Quiet Thriller That Speaks Volumes” said by New York Times writer Alexis Soloski. “She Said” is an empowering and unforgettable film that undergoes not only the sexual harassment women can...

The Sanderson sisters are forced back into modern day times to fight the aspects of life at a grocery store. Photo By: TV Insider.

Hocus Pocus vs. Hocus Pocus 2

Maddie Lewis, Staff Writer October 27, 2022

As Halloween approaches, many people are getting into what some call, “the Halloween spirit.” These traditions can range from carving jack-o’-lanterns and decorating homes, to satisfying your thrill-seeking...

Escape the heat and get in the summer groove with these four fan favorites! Photo by Harkins Theater.

Four Movies to Get You in the Summer Groove

Ashleigh Martin, Staff Writer May 10, 2022

School is almost out, which means no more massive workloads, no insanely early curfews, and no more staying up late finishing projects or studying for tests. There are plenty of activities you can do over...

Many anticipated movies are coming in 2022! Doctor Strange, Thor, the Sanderson Sisters and Jurassic World are all returning this year. Photo by Elizabeth Wood.

4 of the Most Anticipated Movies of 2022

Elizabeth Wood, Features Editor February 28, 2022

Every year hundreds of movies are released, and viewers await the arrival of the most anticipated of the year. Here are four of the most anticipated movies you can expect to see this year.   ...

These are some of the main characters in many favorite Christmas movies. Photo By: Shutterstock

Top Five Christmas Movies— What Should You Watch If You Haven’t Already!

Madison Lamons, Staff Writer December 16, 2021

Christmas movies set the mood for the holiday season and are always fun to watch with friends and family. These are some of the top Christmas movies:   1. "Elf"   “Elf” was released...

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