Jeremy Renner in ICU

Jeremy Renner playing MCU character “Hawkeye”

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Jeremy Renner playing MCU character “Hawkeye”

On Jan.2, 2023, the day after new years Jeremey Renner was run over by his Snow plow after he got off of it. Renner who plays “Hawkeye” in the Marvel universe, also plays the character, Clint Barton in the show, “Loki” He produced the movie, “The Founder” and stars in “What If” as the character Clint Barton.


Jeremey Renner was found by his neighbor at his home in Reno, Arizona. He was then hospitalized after being crushed by the  14,330-pound snow plow. He was plowing snow from his driveway to get to his car and when he was able to move it, he got out of his PistenBully and then realized it was moving. He tried getting into the seat, only for it to crush him. He ended up suffering from blunt chest trauma as well as orthopedic injuries and is in stable condition despite it all. 


His colleagues, who worked with him in the “MCU,” also known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, wished him a happy birthday since he spent it in the ICU. Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, tweeted “Tough as nails, Love you, buddy.”  


On Jan. 10, Renner’s sister told People magazine, “If anyone knows Jeremy, he is a fighter and doesn’t mess around. He is crushing all progress goals. We couldn’t feel more positive about the road ahead.”  


 On Jan. 3 he did post a picture of him on Instagram in the hospital bed, with the caption that shows he’s still in positive spirits “Thank you all for your kind words. I’m too messed up to type. But I send love to you all.“  

On Jan. 15, Jeremy Renner was back at home after spending a week in the hospital. He tweeted, “outside my Brain fog in recovery, I was very excited to watch episode 201 with my family at home.” He was alluding to the second season of the  Paramount show, “Mayor of Kingstown,” where he plays Mike McLucksy, one of the main characters in the show.