Top Five Christmas Movies— What Should You Watch If You Haven’t Already!

These are some of the main characters in many favorite Christmas movies. Photo By: Shutterstock

These are some of the main characters in many favorite Christmas movies. Photo By: Shutterstock

Christmas movies set the mood for the holiday season and are always fun to watch with friends and family. These are some of the top Christmas movies:


1. “Elf”


“Elf” was released in 2003 as a PG Family/Comedy film. It is a popular choice among families as it is about a young toddler, Buddy, who is accidentally sent to the North Pole. As he grows up, Buddy finds out he is not an elf and feels as if he does not fit in with the others. He sets out to find his father and when he does, Buddy antagonizes him until his father decides to kick him out. When Santa’s sleigh, which is powered by Christmas Spirit, crashes in Central Park, Buddy, and Micheal, his brother, need to spread Christmas cheer to fix Santa’s sleigh and save Christmas.


“Elf” Rotten Tomatoes


2. Dr. Seuss’ “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”


Dr. Seuss’ “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” was released in 2000 (the Jim Carrey version) as a PG Family/Fantasy film. The movie is about the cruel Grinch who hates Christmas and wants to steal it away from all the happy people in Whoville. He decides to take all of the gifts and decorations from the town because he does not understand the true meaning of Christmas. The Grinch later learns that Christmas is not all about the gifts as he notices the people in Whoville still celebrate and are happy even though he tried to ruin their day.


Dr Suess’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” Rotten Tomatoes


3. “Home Alone” 


“Home Alone” was released in 1990 as a PG Family/Comedy film. It is the first movie in the “Home Alone” series about a young boy who is left behind while his family is on vacation. After waking up and realizing he is alone, Kevin thought his wish to not have a family anymore came true; however, he soon discovers two men trying to rob his house. He knows he must do everything he can to keep his house safe and successfully protects it until his family returns after realizing their mistake.


“Home Alone” Rotten Tomatoes


4. “The Polar Express”


“The Polar Express” was released in 2004 as a G Fantasy/Family film. It is about a young boy, who was doubtful of Santa, that gets invited onto a train headed for the North Pole along with a group of other kids. He goes on a journey to discover that as long as he believes, life will never fade.


“The Polar Express” Rotten Tomatoes


5. “A Christmas Story”


“A Christmas Story” was released in 1983 as a PG Family/Comedy film. It is about a young kid, Ralphie, who wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. He attempts to convince his parents, Santa and even his teacher that it would be the perfect gift. On Christmas morning he realizes that his wish came true. As he took his first shot with the gun he knocked his glasses off and at first, he thought he had done what his mother was afraid of the whole time, shooting his eye out.


“A Christmas Story” Rotten Tomatoes