Four Movies to Get You in the Summer Groove


Escape the heat and get in the summer groove with these four fan favorites! Photo by Harkins Theater.

School is almost out, which means no more massive workloads, no insanely early curfews, and no more staying up late finishing projects or studying for tests. There are plenty of activities you can do over the summer that involves staying out of the summer heat. One of which is watching movies. Here are some summertime films you, your family, and your friends can watch together to escape the hot weather or to get in the mood for the upcoming two-month long break:


Rating: PG

The Sandlot” is a comical family-friendly baseball film inspired by a true story. The eight-man team was short one player, but they still practiced every day because it was what they loved doing. A new boy moves to town: baseball prodigy Benny Rodriguez. The team teaches him to play ball like a pro while going on crazy adventures together. This movie is set during the summer, and the team has a lot of fun! 


Rating: PG-13

Grease” is an iconic fan favorite. While this film took place in the ’50s and was released in the late ’70s, teenagers can still relate to it today. A greaser and a good girl have a relationship over the summer, only to return after the break and realize they attend the same high school. This classic movie displays everyday scenes in teens’ lives in and out of school. Their “summer lovin’” will get you in the mood for a fun time during summer vacation.


Rating: PG

In “The Parent Trap,” twins Annie and Hallie meet for the first time at a summer camp they both attended in Maine. Over the summer, they grow closer and realize they were twins separated at birth. Their parents were divorced and never talked to the girls about having siblings or another parent. They devise an identity swap, giving each other a chance to spend time with the parent they have never met. “The Parent Trap” is a super fun and creative movie to prepare you for the sunny days ahead. 

The original 1961 movie:

The 1998 remake:


Rating: PG

Jail escape, gunshots, and an old lighthouse, are you intrigued? “The Goonies” is a 1985 adventure movie. A group of daring kids, who are about to lose their homes to a property development company, find an old map in the attic. They follow the map in search of pirate treasure when they run into the unruly Fratellis, who are determined to find the treasure before they do by any means necessary. This action-packed film is a great way to inspire your upcoming summer activities.