Hello, It’s Me


JoAnn Ahn , News Editor

Hello Raider Wire reader, my name is JoAnn and I am ecstatic to say that I am this year’s news editor! My biggest goal in life is to genuinely share God’s love to every human being I encounter. One of my life dreams is to travel to every corner of the earth and help eliminate poverty in any way I can. After high school, my goal is to attend Georgia Tech and major in Environmental Engineering to protect our beautiful earth (P.S. recycling is cool).

If you were curious, I am from Korean heritage and hope to perfect the language as I go throughout life. Along the lines of that, I also hope to be fluent in Spanish and minor in it during college. I love literature and poetry, with C.S. Lewis being my favorite author. Libraries and museums and churches are probably my most favorite places to be; I love being surrounded by the hidden and projected pieces of humanity anywhere I go.

Thanks for reading all of these super random facts about me! Stay tuned for more words from my brain this upcoming year 🙂