Column #1: An Introduction


Noah Smith, Opinion Editor

Hi, my name is Noah. I am the opinion editor for the North Forsyth Raider Wire this year and I am super excited to share my awesome (and probably convoluted) opinions in this column! I am currently a junior and plan on going to college at Vanderbilt or Stanford, or some other cool place. I really enjoy all types of music, from Kanye to Borns to the oddly specific “I Wanna Meet Richard Dreyfuss” by Gabriel Gundacker (seriously, it’s actually good). I’m one of the dreaded vegans of the school and yes, we do eat grass and leaves. I would say that I have an odd sense of humor that favors sarcasm but I guess people like me. My favorite color is blue, I’m an Aries, or a Pisces if you believe that “the stars shifted”, and I have terrible parallelism. That mostly sums me up, I hope that you stick around for some good opinions and a startling lack of vegan rants.