Pep Rally Preludes North Knockout on Friday

The seniors on the Raider Football Team were chiefly honored Friday before North’s stunning football game later that night. These seniors led North to a 31-0 victory over the Central Forsyth Bulldogs.

North Forsyth High School held an exciting pep rally in order to pump up students for the first home football game of the season. Our new gym overflowed with uniformed ROTC members, club members of The Nation, football cheerleaders rallying the crowd, our varsity football team in their jerseys, the marching band showing us their talents, the Raider Pals holding up their awesome signs, and the whole Raider family gathered for the fun. Laughter was soon to happen as teachers and students competed against each other in a hula hoop contest. We witnessed true talent and hilarious ways of cheating. The excitement continued as the competition cheerleaders performed amazing stunts and routines, which showed their hard work and dedication. Speaking of hard work and dedication, to celebrate our varsity football team and the school’s coaches, the cheerleaders dressed up and danced to comedic songs that represented the true personalities of each person. The marching band played spectacular music while the Raider family cheered and laughed. Homecoming nominees were announced for all grade levels and students were roaring with school spirit.