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Simple Charity Picnic

Simple Charity raised over $500 for charity by hosting a tie-dying picnic. Photo by Madison Rush
November 6, 2017

North Forsyth’s chapter of Simple Charity hosted its first picnic on Oct. 7, to raise money for children in Uganda. Simple Charity is a Christian organization that stands for simple acts of charity and...

North’s Indoor Drumline Travels to the Wasteland

In the image above, North Forsyth High School’s Indoor Drumline is practicing drill for their first performance in February. The drumline will be performing their show, Wasteland, in North’s newest gym in exhibition.
March 1, 2017

This winter, North Forsyth High School’s Indoor Drumline will perform a show called Wasteland. Most of the music that will be played while the drumline marches is based off the soundtrack for the movie,...

Dental Hygiene Freedom Controversy Bites North

“This is an son should be able to walk the halls of his school without having to worry about those [dental practitioners] shining a light on his dental hygiene,” says one middle-aged mother.
October 14, 2016

Parents are in an uproar over the newest addition to the North Forsyth High School staff, school dentist Dr. Amanda Spear, after Spear inquired multiple groups of students about their habits concerning...

Construction on Underground Nuclear Reactor Experiencing Delays

When the nuclear reactor comes online, vents like the one shown above will emit thick, scalding steam which will cover North Forsyth in a foggy cloud visible for miles around. Because of possible health dangers, Barton Malow put out a statement on Wednesday advising students to do their class transitions inside.
September 16, 2016

Construction on the pool underneath the newest gym is wrapping up on schedule and Barton Malow is preparing to open it up to the public after fall break. However, not all is well in the world of North...

Death of a Bachelor: A Musical Revolution

The cover picture for Death of a Bachelor is filled with several random, unique images.
April 27, 2016

Even though Brendon Urie is the only member left in the band, Panic! At The Disco’s newest album, Death of a Bachelor, truly put a positive mark on Urie’s career and impressed every fan. The album,...

Quick DIY Christmas Gifts

These are pictures that you can create your DIY gifts with.
January 8, 2016

  Although we all hate to admit it, we all forget to buy Christmas gifts for each other at some point in our lives. For this reason, I have compiled a list of DIY quick Christmas gifts so you can...

One-on-One with Mr. Cheney

Mr. Cheney is always at work, whether he is out and about or at his desk. The amount of effort our new principal puts into his work is massive and truly exceptional.
September 17, 2015

I recently conducted an interview with our new principal, Mr. Jeff Cheney, and I can say first-hand that he has a true passion for his job, a job that he fully understands. Mr. Cheney has had plenty of...

Latin Fantasy: 2015 Raider Marching Band

The Raider marching band was working on fundamentals this July at band camp. They were blocked and learning the basics of marching. Photo used with permission by Ruth Allison.
September 10, 2015

The Raider marching band has progressed greatly over the past few weeks. Many obstacles, such as construction and rain, have been a burden to them, but the group has not let it stop them. The band began...

Time May Be an Illusion

Time May Be an Illusion
May 7, 2015

There is a beginning and an end to everything; the creation and the destruction. This principle applies to everything: except time. Anyone can form an idea, and that is how time began. Someone thought...

NFHS Robotics Team Competes in Championship

Three competitors from North pose with their robots.  Students in the Robotics program spent many hours working on their robots.  “We have to make sure everything on the robot is working and working at its maximum potential,” Noah Thomas said.
May 4, 2015

While many students spent Spring Break vacationing or sleeping, the NFHS Robotics Team traveled to Iowa to compete in the US Open Robotics Championship. They were invited, along with about 200 other teams,...

“Pressed” at Heartslam 2015

 A snapshot from my personal journal where I first drafted “Pressed.”
April 30, 2015

Simple Charity’s second Heartslam – a night of poetry, vulnerability, and laughs – was held this past Tuesday, April 14 in the NFHS Performing Arts Center. So, I grabbed some friends, grabbed my...

10 Emergencies We Are Not Prepared For

10 Emergencies We Are Not Prepared For
April 14, 2015

Fires, Tornados, Gunmen—the school system has trained us all how to respond to emergency situations such as these, but what if there is an earthquake? What if the roof caves in? What if the school floods?...

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