Simple Charity Picnic


Simple Charity raised over $500 for charity by hosting a tie-dying picnic. Photo by Madison Rush

Anna Goellner, Staff Writer

North Forsyth’s chapter of Simple Charity hosted its first picnic on Oct. 7, to raise money for children in Uganda. Simple Charity is a Christian organization that stands for simple acts of charity and love to end global poverty. Every few months, Simple Charity organizes an event to reach the community and collect donations for the charity of focus. This recent picnic is the first of its kind, integrating fresh ideas from the 17-18 team. The day started off with fun, from tie-dying shirts, eating snacks, to petting puppies. With each eager participant donating $20 for a shirt and pizza, the group quickly raised over $500 for shoes for Ugandan children. The club is thrilled about their success despite the rainy weather, and they are proud of the Raider community for coming out and showing their willingness to serve. The powerful changes from their simple actions help create love, a kinder world, and a strong fist to “punch global poverty in the face.”