Upcoming SAT and ACT dates and how to prepare



The SAT and ACT standardized tests and their different study guides and preparation books.

As students transition into the school year, they are focused on their success in the future. Juniors and seniors, especially, are beginning their journey to the rest of their careers. As students begin their journey to college and military academies, one factor that is often required is test scores. 


The ACT and SAT are two different tests, and choosing a test depends on which test is the best fit for the individual. The SAT is composed of an English section, and it is divided into reading comprehension and writing and grammar skills. It has two math sections; one is a non-calculator portion, and the other is a calculator portion with a written response. The ACT has a reading, writing, math and science section. The entire test is multiple choice with no written response, and a calculator is permitted throughout the math section. 


The SAT will take place on Oct. 1, Nov. 5, and Dec. 3, March 11, May 6 and June 3. The SAT for the following dates will be located at North Forsyth High School with a student’s arrival time of 7:45 a.m. 


The ACT will take place on Oct. 22, Dec. 10, Feb. 11, April. 15, June 10 and July 15. The ACT for the following dates will be located at North Forsyth High School with the recommended arrival time of 7:45 a.m.


The SAT and ACT differ in their format and therefore have different preparation sources. For the SAT, Khan Academy is a well-recommended resource by teachers and peers. It allows students to connect past SAT or PSAT scores, and it analyzes the data to formulate a preparation schedule that is personalized for the individual. 


“I am using the SAT Prep Black Book to prepare for the SAT in October. I am dividing the number of pages based on the days until the SAT to speed read 575 pages,” Senior Laney Buffington said when asked how she was preparing.

While the ACT does not connect scores to sources such as Khan Academy, it has its own full and short-length practice tests on its website ACT.org. For more information, visit the North Forsyth High School Counseling website testing information page for more details on each test and preparation.