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College Board “Non-Profit?” I Think Not

The College Board claims themselves to be non-profit. In reality they really aren't.
December 3, 2019

$1.068 billion is how much the College Board earned in revenue in 2017. The College Board is a “non-profit” organization that was created to expand the knowledge of students along with providing them...

When To Take Your SAT?

North Forsyth Senior Ashlyn Bailey is studying for her SAT exam.
December 17, 2018

North Forsyth has approached the third SAT exam, which was given on Dec. 1. The SAT is an exam given to high school students to help colleges gauge their math, reading and writing levels. Students can...

Forsyth County School Systems Claim the Title of “Highest SAT Scores” in Georgia

All five major high schools in Forsyth County passed the SAT with flying colors. The average rounded out to 1167. These photos were taken from their school websites through
November 30, 2018

This year, students in the Forsyth County School System scored an average of 1167 on the SAT, which is above the state and national average. A total of 2,206 students took the SAT, scoring an average of...

How to Prepare for the PSAT and SAT

That number two pencil stares blankly as is rests upon the desk. It is picked up as someone takes a deep breath and begins to answer the questions written upon the paper.
September 14, 2016

P-S-A-T are four terrifying letters sophomores hear all the time. S-A-T are three scary letters juniors and seniors hear all throughout high school. These tests are imminent and we naturally cringe when...

The PSAT: If it is broke, fix it!

Denver Post cartoon satirizing the effect of standardized tests on public education.
December 8, 2015

In October, underclassmen across the nation took what is now legendary among those on social media. Henrita’s poems making her mother fiercely proud of her, wolves won’t look at me because science,...

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