Clubs: Are They Worth It?

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  • (HOSA) by: Kerri Graczyk

  • (SCC) by: Avery Pineda

  • (MTB) by: Isabella Neuwirth

  • (RW) by: Mary Ewing

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High School is stressful. A typical student is balancing seven classes and extracurricular activities like sports and jobs. Trying to balance school and activities can lead to stress. It’s not uncommon for students to need a break every now and then. Joining a club is the best way to take a break from schoolwork, and it is definitely not a waste of time. There are so many benefits of joining a club. 


Joining a club is a great way to balance your school and social life. By participating in a club, you can take a productive break from school work. Getting involved can also help you develop passions and interests, which can improve your mental health.


Clubs can also help students with the social aspect of their lives. Juggling too many responsibilities can lead to a lack of social time with friends. Teens need social time with friends and it’s an important part of their developmental growth. 


Some people join clubs to make friends and connections. It is important to have people you can relate to and spend time with for emotional support. Oftentimes students don’t know the hundreds of other students in their school. There could be someone who has the same interests and likes as you. By joining a club you open the door to possible friendships with others you did not know even existed. Sometimes, students can get together with their friends and join a club as a way to spend time together.


Joining clubs such as HOSA and Mountain Biking, participating in internships and doing community service and volunteer work will help make your college application more competitive. College admission is very competitive and you need to stand out among thousands of students. Having a leadership position in a club is a great way to make an impression on college admission teams.


North Forsyth High School offers over eighty clubs, sports and activities, including HOSA, Student Connections Club, Mountain Biking and Newspaper. Visit the NFHS Website for more information about the clubs offered.