PowderPuff Volleyball


Rohani Nguyen

Seniors will always be number one

On Feb.8, 2023 North Forsyth High School decided to hold a boys only volleyball tournament. Boys from all grades were asked to sign up to play and just have some fun with their friends. There were not enough sophomores and juniors that had signed up so they had to combine and play together. On the other hand the freshman had quite a lot of volunteers, which means they had to split off into two groups. 


Seniors that were involved were: Gavin Busse, Will Carroll, Logan Curry, Reese Davis, Adrian Droze, Cole Leroy, Davante Phillips, Kyle Roper, and Jake Satterfield.


The sophomore and junior team consisted of: Austin Chavarria, Ryan Dooley, Tim Hoerrmann, Micheal Iadevaia, Israel Longoria, Noah Loyd, Reece Meyers, Ozzie Patterson, Walker Roberts, and Gavyn Seitz. 


The first freshman team was: Will Bales, Evan Bechstrand, Matthew Bray, Jace Cahill, Tanner Chenkus, and Tristan Ellis. 


Second freshman team was: Bryson Getmanenko, Trent Jones, Noah Kowaski, Julian Ovalle, Darron Parry, Joseph Stawicki, and Nathan Sujanto.


The game started with the Junior-Sophomore team going against the Freshman one team. At first the game started with each team gaining point after point from each other. Until the Junior-Sophomore team 


Many of the students were just playing for fun. Sophomore Micheal Iadevaia says, “it was for the fun of it and to play volleyball with my friends.” It was just for their entertainment but it soon became a little competitive. 


The Junior-Sophomore team won the first game against Freshman team 1 with a score of 15-24. Which means that they will later advance to play with the winners of the next game. The boys were excited but many of them also knew that the first game was going to be an easy win. 


Next up was the Seniors and Freshman team two game. Starting off with just the first serve the Seniors earned a point. The Freshman team was not ready for what the Seniors were bringing to the table. Point after point were scored by Kyle Roper and Andrew Elkhill. With only 5 minutes left on the clock the score was 19-3 with the seniors leading. 


Seniors dominate the Freshman with an ending score of 25-10. The Seniors advance to play against the Junior-Sophomore team. Both teams were determined to win. Many of the boys actually mentioned that they might want to move forward with volleyball. This was an opening for them to realize that they actually enjoy volleyball and could see themselves playing in the future. 


Starting off the game the Junior-Sophomore team scored almost immediately. It was a very close game with each team scoring one after another. The Junior-Sophomore team did get ahead at one point and stayed like that for a long time. 


The Seniors however refused to lose. They worked hard and eventually caught up to the other team. With only a couple minutes left on the clock the Senior got ahead and won the first game with a score of 15-13.


They play each other for a second round. The second game starts off with the Junior-Sophomore team leading with a score of 8-4. After that the scores kept on getting closer and closer. One team scores, then the other team scores. It was an ongoing cycle . 


However the Seniors were determined and were not there to lose. That confidence and skill is what led them to win for a third time that day. It was a very close game with the only winning by two points. 


All grades did an amazing job, but most importantly was that they had fun. They signed up just to play and have a blast. In the end it was a fun and thrilling game.