Construction on Underground Nuclear Reactor Experiencing Delays


When the nuclear reactor comes online, vents like the one shown above will emit thick, scalding steam which will cover North Forsyth in a foggy cloud visible for miles around. Because of possible health dangers, Barton Malow put out a statement on Wednesday advising students to do their class transitions inside.

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

Construction on the pool underneath the newest gym is wrapping up on schedule and Barton Malow is preparing to open it up to the public after fall break. However, not all is well in the world of North Forsyth construction. Continued delays and mismanagement have set back progress on the underground nuclear reactor by at least three weeks and Barton Malow workers seem to be pessimistic about the original plan to have the facility up and running by the end of October.
“Last Friday there was a cave-in on the south end of the plant,” remarked Barbara Zielinska, head of the construction of the reactor. “It’s going to cost us around $100,000 to repair the damage, not including hospital bills.”
With funding running dry, Barton Malow has had to find unconventional ways to raise money for the project. The firm raised nearly $15,000 from fundraiser baking contests over the summer, and plans to hold an antique furniture auction sometime in November. Still, it might not be enough to offset the mounting costs of the reactor’s construction.