Death of a Bachelor: A Musical Revolution

The cover picture for Death of a Bachelor is filled with several random, unique images.

The cover picture for Death of a Bachelor is filled with several random, unique images.

Marissa Dintino, Staff Writer

Even though Brendon Urie is the only member left in the band, Panic! At The Disco’s newest album, Death of a Bachelor, truly put a positive mark on Urie’s career and impressed every fan. The album, named as a reference to Brendon’s marriage, was released on January 15th and contains eleven songs. These melodic, entertaining tunes each have different, creative lyrics and catchy beats.

Their first song, Victorious, was released months before the album. This song is an upbeat, fun song with many different instrumental uses and vocals. Because the lyrics are uplifting and inspiring, it is a wonderful choice for the first song of the album. Brendon’s vocal range is also expressed along with entertaining music. The next song in the album is Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time; another fun song with great vocals and entertaining instrumentals. The third song, Hallelujah, has been out for months and has a slight religious theme to it, along with the upbeat music. This tune is the most popular and well-known song on the album.

Despite the shocking music video as a continuation of one of their old videos, the fourth song on the album, Emperor’s New Clothes, is another well known song that came out only a few months before the album. Despite the dark music video, this song is very upbeat and enjoyable to listen to. Death of a Bachelor, the song that inspired the name of the album, was written before Brendon’s marriage in 2013 to show that his marriage would make him a happier man. Crazy=Genius is easily one of the most instrumental and vocal songs on the entire album, consisting of constant enjoyable music and deeper lyrics.  Next in the album is the song, La Devotee, another well known tune. Like many of the other songs in this album, the instrumentals and vocals truly express Urie’s talent in a different way.

Golden Days, the eighth song in the album, is one of the most encouraging, relatable melodies on the entire album. As well as the musical talent, the lyrics speak to teenagers the most by talking of savoring youth. The ninth song, The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty, is another uplifting song that is expressed musically and vocally, and is a entertaining song to listen to. House of Memories, the tenth song, is lyrically a metaphor for a house being built out of memories. Musically, this song is also optimistic and full of talent. To finish the album, Impossible Year, is the only slow song on the album. This melody has sad messages placed throughout the lyrics and minimal instrumentals, mostly consisting of piano and trumpet. Although this seems like an odd way to end an upbeat album, it leaves a different affect on the listener that causes them to want to listen to the album again.

Despite this being such an entertaining, upbeat album, the lyrics were very deep and the musicality was extremely entertaining and exciting. Each song was different musically, vocally, and lyrically. Overall, Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco turned out to be an incredible album that did not disappoint the fans at all. The band is known for changing their music style with each album, making Brendon a very talented musical idol. Overall, the album is absolutely incredible and personally, I highly recommend this album to anybody who enjoys music.