North’s Indoor Drumline Travels to the Wasteland


In the image above, North Forsyth High School’s Indoor Drumline is practicing drill for their first performance in February. The drumline will be performing their show, Wasteland, in North’s newest gym in exhibition.

Marissa Dintino, Staff Writer

This winter, North Forsyth High School’s Indoor Drumline will perform a show called Wasteland. Most of the music that will be played while the drumline marches is based off the soundtrack for the movie, Mad Max, which includes several intense pieces and rhythms.

In the past, North Forsyth took a hiatus from indoor drumline performances, but the program was returned three years ago with the performance of Lost Boy, which was Peter Pan themed show. In their show, Lost Boy, the NFHS Indoor Drumline earned first place in SAPA, the Southern Association for Performance Arts, and they were moved into GIPA, the Georgia Indoor Percussion Association. Last year, the drumline’s show was called Medusa, and it was based on Greek mythology. This year, North Forsyth will compete in GIPA again.

On Saturday, February 18, 2017, North Forsyth High School will host a GIPA sponsored drumline competition in the newest gym. Here, they will perform in exhibition while other schools compete, and North Forsyth’s Winter Guard will perform in exhibition as well after all the drumline performances. North Forsyth has never hosted a competition before, as our gym was not suitable to hold large audiences. Because of the construction of our newest gym, North’s Indoor Drumline is excited to welcome other musical students to our school in competition.

Our school’s drumline will compete at Lambert High School on February 25. On March 11, the WGI Atlanta Regionals will be held at Woodland High School. The championships will be held in Carrollton County on April 1, 2017. If you would like to see North’s amazing Indoor Drumline, any of these competitions are open to the public.