You Do Not Have to Land Among the Stars: Just Make it Into Orbit

Photo by Lyndsay Hampton

Photo Caption: “Conquer Your Struggle, Reach Your Moon” by Abbey Black.

You do not have to land among the stars; you just have to make it into orbit. Now, we are not all astronomers here, so hear this explanation…As long as you are working towards your goal and making strides to reach those stars, then you are doing more than fine.

Lance Armstrong was not born on the moon. George Washington was not born in the White House. Buddha was not born with fully developed and enlightened philosophies stirring in his mind. These people, just like you, put forth tremendous effort to attain their own personal greatness. Now, you probably will not ever make it to the moon, be elected president, or build a persona as a worshipped religious figure. But you will make it to your moon. You will become your own president. You will build your own persona. This could be working towards raising your GPA, bettering yourself as a person, beating addiction, or overcoming your darkest demons. Your moon is anything you make it to be. Your moon is your own and cannot be compared to that of any others; it is neither too big nor too small.

Keep this in mind as you are working your way through the cosmos. You will inevitably encounter struggle, suffer defeat, and battle obstacles along the way. Do not be discouraged. You are making your way into orbit. You are making strides towards your moon. When you begin to feel that your moon is too far away, shines too bright, or question if it even exists at all, remember: neither the stars nor the moon shine without darkness.