A Glimpse at Coach Moore


Photo by Citlali Arzate

Coach Moore is the boy’s basketball coach and varsity assistant. He has had a lot of crazy moments while coaching for games.

Coach Moore is funny, caring, sarcastic person who loves helping kids grow and learn. He enjoys being part of a student’s life to help guide them and make sure they do their very best throughout their high school career.

For the past 14 years Coach Moore has been coaching at North Forsyth, and his passion for it continues to grow.  He is the boy’s basketball coach and varsity assistant.

A lot of crazy things happen at basketball games and for Coach Moore that crazy moment was at a game against South. A kid had broken their jaw in the middle of a game. “His jaw was just hanging,” said Moore. It was a shocking moment.

Surely there couldn’t be a crazier or more interesting sport to coach; however, if given the option to coach for a different sport, Coach Moore says he would have to choose baseball. It is one of the many sports he played when he was younger.

Basketball and baseball are not the only sports that Coach Moore enjoys. During his free time he loves to go out and play golf. It is one of his favorite things to do along with spending time with his son and family.

He gets up every morning to get ready for work, spends as much time as he can with his son before going to school and then heads off to start his day at North.

After school, on days that Coach Moore does not have practice, he picks up his son at school. It must be a busy for this coach, spending time with his family but also coaching a sport at the same time.

When asked what advice he would give his students/players during this time of their lives, he responded with “enjoy this time in your life and if you decide to play a sport or get involved in something, do it at the best of your ability. Don’t take this time in your life for granted.”