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Students of the Month for March 2019

Pictured: Jessica Santana - CTAE Student of the Month. Santana’s agriculture teacher chose her because of her willingness to help around the classroom such as feeding the bunnies before school and always having a smile on her face.

Grace Wood, Sports Editor

March 29, 2019

During the last IF of the month, the school holds a ceremony for students and one lucky teacher for them to receive awards and food afterwards. Parents and the teachers are invited to watch these outstanding Raiders receive their awards for all the different subjects. The students recognized thi...

Mrs. Dykes, NFHS Finalist For District TOTY

Mrs. Amy Dykes standing with members of the NFHS staff after she learned that she had been chosen as one of seven finalists for District Teacher of the Year. (Photo credit to NFHS Facebook page.)

Marvin Cruz

February 26, 2019

Teacher of the Year (TOTY) is an award given school-wide and district-wide between several schools. For the 2018-2019 school year, the staff at NFHS has voted for Mrs. Amy Dykes to be the NFHS teacher of the year, and she has even been chosen to represent North as one of the seven finalists for Dist...

Appreciating Our Educators

Mrs. Shannon Marks is pictured on the left, and Mr. Mark Fisher is pictured on the right with his, “Life is- probably - Good” shirt for his AP Statistics class.

Lauryn Almand, Staff Writer

May 10, 2017

At North Forsyth High School, we have some of the greatest, most talented and most outgoing teachers in the county. Those who work here, put in hours upon hours every day to create assignments, lessons and fun activities to improve the knowledge of the students in their classrooms. The week of April...

Introducing North Forsyth’s New Faculty and Staff

North Forsyth High School welcomes 15 teachers and counselors to the staff this year.  Mrs. Adams, the counselor for last names B-Da, spent last year at North as an intern.

Matthew McFadden, Staff Writer

November 2, 2015

Many changes have taken place at North since last May, including the addition of fifteen new teachers and counselors.  With such a large group of new faculty, it is very important for them to be introduced so that students can welcome them properly. Mrs. Garner teaches one sophomore and four freshman...

Senior’s Guide to College

Allie, an experienced college student talks about her first day, saying, “The nervousness was redundant. As I said a minute ago, it was terrifying, but exciting. Once I figured out more of how it works, made friends in classes, and became more comfortable and knowledgeable about the college atmosphere, it was great.” Allie Sarratori snaps a picture of her college on a regular day, excited to see what the new school day will bring and the new things she will learn.

Jade Flack, Staff writer

September 21, 2015

The new school year has begun, and as the old seniors are sent off to college, the newbies start applying. Now, even juniors have to start considering which colleges they wish to attend and how to do it. Although college seems like a scary subject, this article makes the process a lot easier with a 3...

How Accessories Help Define Our Individuality

Simple bracelets can be paired with one another to display the special meanings behind them. In this case, Senior Perri Rabbitt wears her pink, handmade bracelet from Kenya and a “Live in Love” bracelet to reflect her support and inspiration.

JoAnn Ahn, Staff Writer

May 8, 2015

When taking notice of the small details of the people around, it may be easy to recognize all of the jewelry and accessories they place on themselves. Although many people pay no attention to these details, it is clear to most that they have the ability to amp up or bring a little sparkle to any given...

New Additions to North Forsyth: Part 2

Jake Castleberry, the new on level world history teacher, lectures about the reign of absolute monarchs. He joined the staff this year and was a bit anxious, but is settling in well. “I love being here. I graduated from NFHS back in 2001, and I’m just excited to be part of this team of awesome teachers in the social studies department.”

Raicheal Havins, News/Advertisement Editor

December 16, 2014

The newest staff members are settling into the rigorous routine of North Forsyth’s hectic school year, and they are all enjoying meeting new people through their passions, but they do not get to know everyone. However, we do not have the opportunity to meet all of them personally. Mr. Jake Castleberry...

A Near Demise

An ordinary day may become one’s last.

Bim Peacock, Staff Writer

December 12, 2013

Death is a cold and mysterious figure.  One minute he is inches from seizing a soul, and the next he vanishes back to his shadowy home, leaving his victim winded and clinging to life.  Millions of people all throughout the world have sparred with death, and those that survive always bear the greatest...

Mrs. Haynes: Hardworking Counselor or a Down Home Bluegrass Player?

Rocking out before the big concert, Mrs. Haynes practices the upright base with her family getting prepared before going on in front of a huge crowd.

Chase Samples, Staff Writer

November 8, 2013

Mrs. Haynes is a counselor at North Forsyth High School. On her free time she hosts Pampered Chef parties and plays the upright bass in a Bluegrass band with her family. She first started playing at the age of 39, but trying to juggle work, home, and music can be pretty hectic.  Somehow she balances...

A Glimpse at Coach Moore

Coach Moore is the boy’s basketball coach and varsity assistant. He has had a lot of crazy moments while coaching for games.

Citlali Arzate, Staff writer

September 24, 2013

Coach Moore is funny, caring, sarcastic person who loves helping kids grow and learn. He enjoys being part of a student’s life to help guide them and make sure they do their very best throughout their high school career. For the past 14 years Coach Moore has been coaching at North Forsyth, and his...

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