Wellness Sessions You Can Count On


With so many options, it can be difficult deciding which session to sign up for. Thankfully, many teachers offer the same sessions every week Photos by: Rohani Nguyen.

Raider Time was created to give students a time when they can sign up for sessions that they want to go to. Raider Time is overall a productive time when students can study, take tests, make up work, etc. Wellness Wednesday, unlike Raider Time, was created to give students a moment to breathe in the middle of hectic weeks. Deciding on which session to go to can be challenging, especially with so many sessions. Luckily, some teachers offer recurring sessions that students can sign up for every week.


Mindfulness Sessions

Wellness gives students a time to breathe, so of course many teachers offer mindfulness sessions for students who are looking for a calm place to come to whenever they’re feeling stressed. Gail Richardson offers a phone-free “Classical Calmness” session, which is a “quiet space to listen to classical music while studying, reading, drawing or resting.” Juan Garcia’s “Leisure Time” wellness is perfect for anyone to “come and enjoy a well deserved break, catch up on work or get ahead on assignments.” Laura Spencer offers a similar session: “Mother Nature and Meditation.” Every week, Spencer takes her students outside for a quiet time to relax and escape from stress.


Art Sessions

Another great way to de-stress is by drawing or coloring. Anthony Negus and Marissa Martin both have sessions so students can unleash their creativity during wellness. “Take your mind off the daily happenings and escape with color” in Negus’ “Color/Drawing” session. “Come color or make art while listening to meditation music in a calming environment” with Martin’s “Mindfulness Art” session.


Music Sessions

Listening to music is a great way to spend wellness. If you like 80’s music, David Shively has an “80’s Music” session. “Guitar players, collectors, music lovers” meets in Matthew Loveless’ room. Loveless’ session is “intended for people who love guitar, want to learn to play, already know how to play, or want to listen to someone play. Form a band, get to know other people, and JAM!”


Active Sessions

Getting up and moving around is good for you, which is why some teachers offer walking sessions. Alison Fairbanks, Benita Burruss, Jamie Clark and Brandi Densmore all offer walking sessions. Join Fairbanks’ “Let’s Take a Walk” session to “get some fresh air, sunshine and exercise with a brisk walk around campus.” You can also join Burruss’ “Walk around the Block” session. She says “Fresh air is good for the soul!” Fairbanks and Burruss walk together. Densmore also has a walking session. Clark’s “Trail Walk” session is for anyone wanting to walk the trail around campus. She noted, “If it is raining, we will play games in my room.”


Social Sessions

Many students use wellness as a designated social time to talk and catch up with friends you don’t typically see throughout the week. Emilie Day hosts “Chatty Chips,” a session where students can “eat chips, hang out, listen to music and gab!” Katie Roth tells students who sign up for her “Social Time with Friends Session” to “grab two of your friends and sign up together so you can come in here and have some social time with each other.” Michael Mooney’s “Social Recovery/Chill Time” session is another option.


Game Sessions

Another great way to socialize with friends during wellness is by playing games. There are many options for game/related wellness sessions. Want to play Uno? Tisha Murphy and Lacy Elder host an Uno session every Wednesday. Not sure what game you want to play. Many teachers offer general game sessions, including Meighan Bassett’s “Jr & Sr Board Games” session and Dawn Finley’s session, “Legos and Board Games – Finley.” Finley tells students to “be ready to build things and play games!” Another Lego session is “Legos!” hosted by Elisabeth Pinion. New this year is “Competition Lego Theme days!” Camila Porcincula hosts a “Spanish Board Games” session for students in the Spanish pathway.


Melissa Beanblossom and James Bassett both host Chess sessions. Beanblossom’s session is for anyone wanting to play a friendly game of chess with a friend/classmate or learn how to play. Bassett’s session, however, is open to those who want to “dominate your enemies in a game of chess!” 


Owen Wickman’s “Ultimate Tic Tac Toe” “isn’t your grandma’s Tic Tac Toe. It’s more like 4D chess than it is Tic Tac Toe. Allison Ellis hosts “Dungeons, Dragons, & Exploding Kittens session in the cafeteria. Ellis invites students to “bring a group and play D&D.” She also has games like “Exploding Kittens, Bears vs. Babies, Happy Little Dinosaurs, and more” for anyone who doesn’t play D&D. Kyle Gourley hosts a Fantasy Football session where students can “Prep for your weekly matchups.”


Educational Sessions

The remaining sessions are for people who hope to continue learning during their wellness time. Mary Ewing hosts a “Blind Date with a Book” session where students can “sign up to find your perfect book.” Ewing offers “a quiet room to read for school or pleasure.” Jackson Smith hosts his session “Coach Smith-College Football History.” Jennifer DeLuca offers her session “DBT Skills – The Fun Times.” In DeLuca’s session, she explains, “we’ll learn about skills that make us better at life and make life better… and we might have fun while we are doing it. No two weeks are the same!” John Daniel also offers, “Let’s watch ABC News.”


With so many sessions, like mindfulness and socializing sessions, there are so many choices for wellness. Sign up early to ensure your spot. Find something you like? Click HERE to sign up for wellness and search for the name of the teacher you want to sign up for.